Pricing & Discounts

We are continually searching to find the best products at the best prices, and we pass our savings on to you. Our suppliers offer an ever-changing array of fabrics and notions, which sometimes means we cannot purchase more of a specific product. So be sure to remember shrinkage and order enough buttons plus one.

We sell our fabrics and yard goods in whole-yard increments only, and although widths vary, fabric weights are calculated by the linear yard. Please note that as we change fabric rolls, small variations and/or flaws (which generally add character and interest to natural fabrics) may appear -- yet another reason to ensure that you purchase enough of any given fabric for your particular project!


Let us know if there's something specific that you haven't been able to find -- we may be able to locate or special-order it for you.

We always offer the following volume discount:

  • Multiple Yardage Discount: It's much easier to cut one large piece of fabric than several smaller pieces. Therefore we're able to offer lower prices when you purchase larger pieces of fabric. Multiple Yardage Discounts are calculated in the shopping cart.


    1-2 Yards    3-5 Yards    6-9 Yards    10+ Yards
     Retail     5% off     10% off     20% off

Prices subject to change without notice.


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If you have any difficulties placing your order, please send us an e-mail or call us toll-free at 800-870-5312. We will happily assist you in troubleshooting or work to find another (possibly off-line) solution. If you are using AOL and our shopping cart doesn't work for you, please try another browser (such as's Firefox) before giving up -- most customers find that a browser switch solves the problem immediately.

As with most small businesses, we reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone. We've never had to exercise that right, but we reserve it just in case!