Why Organic ?

Conventional cotton production uses vast quantities of pesticides -- perhaps even more pesticides than any other crop. Learning this helped us understand the strongly negative impact pesticides have on farmers and their land, and on the workers who handle the fibers and transform them into our clothing.

We then started wondering if our clothes were posing any dangers to our health, even joking that there should be Surgeon General warnings on the garment tags! We deliberately dressed our children in hand-me-downs, not only to save money but also hoping that some of the chemicals had been washed away. And we started to notice the smell at the fabric store and how it made us feel slightly sick. We knew there had to be a better way, and started our search for organics.

We didn't want much -- just clothes that were kinder to our bodies and kinder to the environment. We weren't going to rest until we knew our babies were wrapped in the gentlest swaddling clothes. But almost immediately we were struck by the elevated prices, a result of organic cotton's scarcity and the lack of organic clothing manufacturers. It could easily cost hundreds of dollars to outfit a child -- and multiplied by their growth rate, that seemed impossible!

We dusted off our sewing machines and ended our search when we found friendly fabrics for sale by the roll: organic cottons, hemps, and others. We started talking to friends about dusting off their machines and incorporating natural fabrics into their lifestyles. We shared our fabric and then we bought even more. Soon we started calling ourselves NearSea Naturals, named after the children who inspired us.

Just imagine all the natural items you can create for your loved ones, at a minimal cost. It's easy ... anyone can learn to sew the basic items. Make your baby a hooded fleece towel or a soft gown; sew your toddler some sturdy playclothes. How about a simple tote bag, or curtains and slipcovers to change your decor entirely? Give your closet a stylish hemp jacket. There are thousands of ways to use these wonderful fabrics -- all you have to do is start creating!

At NearSea Naturals, we believe our individual choices affect the larger world. Join us in making a difference!