Native American Ribbon Wedding Dress

Native American Ribbon Wedding Dress

One of my favorite parts of working at NearSea Naturals is seeing the amazing things our customers create with our fabrics and notions. Trish’s incredible Native American Ribbon wedding dress is a perfect example; reading her story and looking at the pictures was so very inspiring. And don’t she and her husband look incredibly happy? Trish writes:
I had an unusual request for a wedding dress – I wanted a wedding dress that would compliment my husband’s Native American ribbon shirt, which was made by his late mother. It was nontraditional as far as a Western wedding, but it was perfect for our traditional Chumash Indian ceremony. Our plan was an eco-wedding in the mountains in mid-July. Hot, hot, hot. I could not see wearing a dress that was made of anything other than organic cotton.

The first few designers I approached said absolutely not, it was too far from their idea of a “wedding dress” for them to accommodate my requests. I was willing to provide the fabrics, if I could find someone who was willing to be creative enough to try something a little less than ordinary. I then found Aria Couture. She took my drawings, my choices in fabric, and the inspiration from my husband’s ribbon shirt and made a gown that surpassed all my expectations.

Aria Couture’s final design was a double layered gown with the skirt’s top layer slightly shorter than the bottom layer, to reveal the red satin detailing along the edge. The train is slightly squared off, just barely sweeping the floor. The bodice was the vintage fabric matching my husband’s shirt, with organic cotton lining, and satin ribboning across the chest, as is tradition. The entire gown is fastened with hook and eyes and five buttons down the skirt, with Buffalo Nickel button covers down the length of the skirt, a nod to my family’s Hispanic roots and the tradition of brideprice, “arras”, a gift of gold coins. (The tradition is 13 coins, but I used 5 to represent our family.)

It was comfortable to wear, the fabric was so soft and light and dreamy… and did I mention SOFT? Every gown I tried on in bridal shops were itchy, hot, and miserable. I could wear this dress to BED! My wedding day ended up being a perfect 73 degrees, I was as comfortable as could be, the portrait of serenity. I could not have achieve this without finding such a wonderful fabric and a willing designer to break tradition. Thank you for making such a wonderful fabric accessible and affordable for the DIY bride.

Trish, thank you so much for sharing your story and pictures with us!