Katastrophic Designs

Katastrophic Designs
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Warning: checking out Katastrophic’s designs just might be hazardous to your wallet. Not because Melissa Jenkins’ undies, shirts, hoodies, and dresses are overly expensive (they’re not), but because you may end up wanting one of everything. Melisa hand-dyes our organic cotton jersey and fleece fabrics and turns them into unique, colorful creations. (I particularly appreciate her use of our organic cotton lace to accent different pieces.)

Melissa writes:

“Katastrophic, a college nickname of mine and now the (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) name brand of my first clothing line, is an exploration of a different kind of economy. My goal is to build a sustainable and ethical business that makes available beautifully crafted, highly versatile, inspiring, and long lasting clothing produced in a life-giving, dignified, and conscientious process.

My little business and I have come a long way in these three or so years, though I still feel so far from really doing anything significant in the world. But let me end with this favorite quote of mine from Wendell Berry’s book, A Continuous Harmony, which is a continuous inspiration and my hope for all of us:

“We have invested in the wrong tools and the wrong projects, have become ensnarled in bad plans, have been too slow to recognize the obvious. That is, we often have, not always. But by this awkwardness and this partial success we can see that we have not got to where we are by anything so simple as deciding what we wanted to do and then doing it- as if we had shopped in a display of lives and selected one. We have, instead, in the midst of living, and with time passing, been discovering how we want to live, and inventing the ways.”


Thank you for providing a responsible and ethical fabric source for small businesses! Not only is your fabric sourced and produced ethically, but it is such good quality paired with friendly, personable service. I appreciate you so much!”
To see more of Melissa’s creations, check out her Katastrophic Designs etsy site. But make sure to have your credit card at hand, just in case you see something you simply must buy!