About Us

Our Mission:

At NearSea Naturals, we believe that when given the opportunity people will make choices that benefit both themselves and the environment. With our focus on the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit, we endeavor to make those choices easier and more enjoyable by carefully selecting sustainable fabrics and notions that are as delightful to work with as they are beneficial to people and the planet.

Our Story:

Like so many people, our journey toward organics began with a child. In this case, it was the extremely premature birth of Tara's son Neil, the 101 days he spent in the hospital, and the realization, once he came home, that we wanted to surround him with only the best, safest environment. Organic food was obvious, but there was so much more we could do to protect his delicate body and fragile lungs. Our explorations into the many ways to do that led us to a house without carpeting, an organic wool mattress, and clothing and bedding made from organic cotton. As Neil grew, so did our awareness that sustainability didn't only matter for this one little person but for us all and for the world in which we live.

If you'd like to hear more about Neil's story and how he inspired our family business, listen to the audio narrative by Marguerite Kearns. Marguerite weaves together music, family, fabric, and business in this piece.

Listen to our story: The Baby Boy Who Inspired a Green Business.

(Caveat: Although it sounds wonderful to say that Neil inspired our journey, and that is indeed true, he didn't begin it; he deepened and strengthened our belief in the need for sustainability and an environment that works for us all.)

Our Company:

Beginning in 2001 as a small, mother/daughter company we've grown significantly since then but our basic values and principles remain the same. For the first eight years of our existence, NearSea Naturals was located in a solar-powered facility, off-the-grid in rural New Mexico. Sadly, the local infrastructure was unable to support our growing business, and NearSea moved: first to Santa Fe, and then later to Asheville, North Carolina.

In North Carolina we're closer to what remains of America's textile industry and we're able to work face-to-face with the people who are making the fabrics we sell. Watching North and South Carolina's textile industries essentially shut down as growth and production are outsourced, we've grown to treasure what little remains. Our relationships with American farmers, mills, finishers, and manufacturers that we've nourished over these years are integral to our business.

We believe in creating a local sustainable fabric industry; we think the environment, the economy, and consumers all benefit when fabric isn't shipped around the world before it ends up in the US to be sold. We work hard to source and produce domestic fabrics made from domestic fibers and we make every effort to contain all the various steps of fabric creation within as small a geographic area as possible.

Know that we:

  • Focus on US-made fabrics, working to revive the US textile industry
  • Offer undyed or low-impact-dyed fabrics
  • Have colorgrown cotton fabrics, the cotton grows in shades of brown or green
  • Source only eco-friendly fabrics and notions
  • Reduce our carbon footprint and are centrally located to the US textile industry
  • Are able to produce fabrics within 100 miles of our location

Our Fabrics:
You may have noticed that there are many more options for fabric made from organic fibers today than existed ten or twenty years ago, and in many ways that's very encouraging. What we don't think is quite so good, though, is the fact that nearly all these exciting new fabrics are either made overseas or manufactured in the US from fibers that are grown overseas.

We have nothing against China, India, or any other country, and if we lived in India we would be encouraging the development of a local sustainable fabric industry there. We simply believe in creating a local sustainable fabric industry, one which benefits the environment, the economy, and everyone using the fabrics.

If you are interested in fully American fabrics, from the field to the fabric, do know that all of our US-made, American-grown fabrics meet the following criteria:

  • The fabric is made from certified-organic fibers
  • The organic fibers are grown in America
  • The fibers are processed in America, in an eco-friendly fashion
  • The yarn is milled (woven or knit into fabric) in America
  • Any finishing (dyeing, flanneling, etc) takes place in America

We do sell fabrics from other countries in certain circumstances; the following come immediately to mind:

  • Our peace silk and silk blend fabrics. The US has no significant domestic silk industry, so we've carefully sourced fabrics from India and China that meet our criteria.
  • Our hemp and hemp blend fabrics. It's currently illegal to grow industrial hemp in the US, and we thus have no choice but to source it from outside the country.
  • Our Harmony Art fabrics. Harmony Susalla's strong commitment to environmental sustainability is visible in her fabrics.

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